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lostanddonttrytofindme replied to your post: anonymous said:I would make beans…

remember that show friends where they all claimed to be friends but no one made beans or cared for the water purity. It was so fake. They had babies!!!!

that show is fake, friends are fake if you can’t find the beans!

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Anonymous asks: I would make beans in a can for you and make sure the water is filtered right so you don't fall Ill.

what i love abt friends is that they’re always making beans for u

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is he smoking a blunt lmao

yeah maybe but we;re in love cna’t you see???

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Anonymous asks: Let's bee friends 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

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i haave such a crush on that lizzie maguire vine person don’t even get me started

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no vine is better than this 

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LIFE HACK, now you can extend Diagonally,

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I’m following so many moth blogs at this point and I love all of them

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u ever pet a dog that changes ur life

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ahh im sorry. i meant it in a argumentative way. like “no i dont wanna nod my head!”. i didn’t mean to be mean. i’m sorry!!

oh man i was only kidding!! now i feel like a jerk what’s happening to us 

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